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Secure Storage | 25.11.16

Whether you’re a last minute shopper or a longer term planner, when it comes to Christmas presents they need to stay hidden until they’re ready to be handed over. For many people finding storage solutions that keep them safe, undamaged and hidden isn’t always easy. If you have children, it can feel almost impossible.

This is the time when your children suddenly start offering to tidy up, poking their heads in to linen cupboards that they’ve not been in for nearly a year; offering to help clean out the garage or go up into the loft the get the Christmas decorations down. In fact, it’s thought that two thirds of children go hunting for their Christmas presents before Christmas Day.

For some, the answer is to move things from place to place hoping to outrun the snoopers, but this doesn’t always work. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they will do the next best thing – turn to Google! A couple of smart search terms will not only reveal the common places where parents hide presents, but also tips on how to find them and avoid getting caught snooping!

There will be storage solutions all over the house and maybe even elsewhere, but what are the best ways to avoid those presents being found?

The most obvious answer is to not have them in or near the house at all!

You could store them at the home of a friend or family member, although you have to remember that if it’s a close relationship, your child may be visiting that person’s house before Christmas. Worse still if that family also has children – double the snooping power! The office is another good option away from home, as long as you have somewhere secure to keep things. If it’s a huge shared floor space with no lockable furniture of your own, this may not be the best option. But if it’s your own office building, it could work. A self storage unit is also an option, especially if buying large gifts like bicycles. As it’s likely that you’ll only be using it for a few weeks, the cost should be quite small. If you take this option, you also have the freedom to wrap at your leisure with no danger of the children walking in and finding you up to your eyes in carrier bags, gift wrapping and tape.
However, if storing things away from the house is not an option for you there are some things you can do around the house to try and avoid your hiding places being found. The most common places used are cupboards, beds, attics and garages and here are some tips to help.

If you have a lockable one – use it. It will spike the curiosity of your children when it suddenly becomes locked but it will be secure. You will need to keep the key hidden away, out of site and reach – just don’t forget where you put it!

If you can’t lock your cupboards put things high up on top and pushed back so that they are out of sight. If you already have boxes or suitcases on top of the cupboards that the kids are used to seeing, consider putting things inside them or behind them, but don’t be tempted to have a good clean up while you’re doing that. Your children will wonder why those dusty old boxes have suddenly become clean and dust free. Putting presents underneath clothes and linens also helps; push things right to the back of shelves and drawers.

Garages, attics and sheds
Often thought to be safe because who wants to go out in the cold and wet, right? Wrong! When it comes to Christmas present hunting children can be ruthless and will leave no stone unturned. If you are going to use these areas, make sure there’s nothing being stored that can be adversely affected by the weather or insects; electricals, clothes and food items spring to mind. If you’re going to use these areas, then your parcels have to blend in with everything else. New carrier bags and shiny boxes will stand out immediately. Think about putting things inside old boxes or containers already there or covering things with old blankets or curtains.

The car
An often forgotten solution. It’s not possible to use it for storing everything and certainly not great for storing longer term, but can be ideal for those small or last minute things that need storing for a day or two.

Wherever you’re hiding your presents this year, be sure to remember each and every place you use. That way you won’t be coming across Christmas presents when clearing out your wardrobe in preparation for your summer holiday!

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