Storage for Boat Owners: A Comprehensive Guide 

Boat storage | 15.04.22

With summer all but upon us, storage for boat owners once again becomes a hot topic of conversation. Now is the time many canalboat or riverboat owners who run their boats seasonally are starting to prepare their prized possessions for the warmer weather. If you haven’t used your boat since last season, you may need to do some sprucing up and essential maintenance. This is also an ideal opportunity to see if you can improve your boat storage options. Doing this right may allow you to take a few more little luxury items on your trips.

Expert Advice on Storage for Boat Owners 

Living in the confined space of a houseboat is far from the comforts of staying in a house. While most boats have some storage space in the hull and small cupboards in the bedroom, some boats have a storage locker on the back. Regardless of how much space you think you have, it’s still not a house and you need to think outside the box. To help you save on space, here are some of the best tips on creating more storage for boat owners.

Baskets, crates, bins and boxes

Baskets, crates, bins and boxes are brilliant as they come in different shapes and sizes while being visually appealling. In terms of creating more storage for boat owners, many typically opt for wooden ones over plastic since they look better and blend in well with the interior. However, fabric or cloth baskets are also popular as they are more flexible and can fit into those awkward, hard-to-fill spaces.

Waterproof Storage Bags

A storage bag is a smart alternative for keeping gear on board. These waterproof, mildew-resistant bags typically hang over a railing and have numerous compartments to keep your essential things readily accessible. You can find different waterproof storage bags from various shops, including Bags4Everything.

Wall Storage For Boat Owners

Wall space is often associated with home décor but it can be extremely useful on a boat. The limited storage space means that functional décor is the better bet, such as hanging organisers. This will help maximize wall space while keeping surfaces free from clutter. You can store almost anything from linen and toiletries to clothing and other miscellaneous items.

A popular idea for creating more storage for boat owners is using small wall racks. You can use this as extra storage space for spices, bottles and other kitchen utensils. It almost acts as a small pantry but on your wall. For boats with more wall space near the galley, you can even put your plates and cups on display.

Cargo Nets For Better Boat Storage

Cargo nets are an excellent method to keep items in a hatch or locker more organised since they can be secured to the boat’s frame to prevent them rolling around. You could also use a cargo net to store inflatable boats, lifejackets, and other items while on the water.

Cupboard Organisers For Boats

Cupboard drawers are excellent for storing your most-used items but they can quickly become cluttered. Using drawer dividers may help to keep your boat’s built-in storage compartments even more organised which allows you to quickly find the item you need.

Drawer dividers have evolved considerably over the years, with many styles and sizes now available to help you organize even the messiest cabinets. You can use drawer dividers for make-up, utensils, food, stationery, toys, or anything else you need to keep on board.

Helm Organisers For Boat Owners

As any boat captain will tell you, being at the helm of your boat requires a lot of focus. Keeping it tidy is vital as it could be distracting and dangerous if you always digging around looking for your GPS, radio, sunglasses or any other essential items.

The good news is that you can get a handy helm organising system to help keep the area tidy and functional. Designed specifically for boats, this helm organising system has small holes around the top for keys, hooks, fishing gear, and other small items.

Add Hooks To Maximise Wasted Space

Hooks are among the most useful when it comes to creating storage for boat owners. They are perfect to hang wet towels, bathing suits, hats, pet leashes, keys and even supplies you need easy access to. While hooks can go on the wall, you can also add them to any spot that could be used for storage.

This includes the side of a cabinet or piece of furniture. Hooks on the wall and inside cupboard doors are great for storing pots, pans and bags among others. Over-the-door hangers are also particularly handy to create more storage space especially if you don’t want to put screws or nails into the doors.

Add Cabinet Space With Shelves

Many boats have galley cabinets with some vertical space which is great for storing taller items. However, some boats don’t have galley cabinets or if they do, the top of these cabinets is often only an empty space. One solution to create more storage for boat owners is to add a shelf inside the cabinet. This way you can keep your galley accessories safe and organised.

Seating Storage for Boat Owners

Multi-purposed furniture may be beneficial at home but it’s even more so on boats. A prime example is under-seat storage where boats combine sitting and storage to maximise the wasted space between the seat and platform.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to add this type of storage unless it’s built-in. If you’re looking for a new boat, we recommend finding one with seating storage but if that’s not possible, you could purchase a few storage ottomans to create additional storage and seating.

Built-in Stair Drawers

Staying on the topic of multi-purpose ‘furniture’, stairs with drawers are incredibly practical and useful. This trend is used in homes all over the world but it can be just as handy when trying to create more storage for boat owners. Whether you add stairs with pull-out drawers or ones that open from the top, this space is genius.

Set Up A Charging Station

Today, we have many devices that need charging but they take up valuable space while making the boat look messy. By creating a charging station, you can confine mobile phones, tablets and laptops to one area of the counter or put them inside a drawer.

More Ways To Create More Storage Space On A Boat

While we’ve shared 11 ideas on how to add more storage for boat owners, there are many more. Here are a few you could consider.

  • Suction cups and strips of velcro
  • Cupholders
  • Plastic accordion files to store sandpaper (ideal for the DIY-boater in the family)
  • Magazine organisers for dishes and other items
  • Bungee cords on the ceiling
  • Shoe organisers
  • Magnetic strips for cutlery and other boating essentials

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Self Storage For Boat Owners At Space Centre

A secure self storage unit can also help keep your boat organised by storing some of the bigger items you can’t take with or have room for. We can help you find the right self storage unit for all your goods so you won’t pay for space you don’t need. First, make sure you do a good clear out and only take things you really need. Secondly, only use a reputable self storage facility as they will help you find the best secure storage unit for your requirements.

Contact us today for more information about our wide range of flexible storage solutions in GloucesterStroudBristol and Stonehouse. If you own or live on a houseboat and have some valuable tips on creating more storage space for boat owners, we’d love to hear from you.

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