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Secure Storage | 31.05.19

If you live in a small house or flat, you know exactly what we’re referring to. Let’s be honest, bicycles are awkward to store and you need somewhere safe and secure. You need a space big enough where they won’t get damaged and somewhere they can be kept clean. Unless you’ve decluttered, don’t just throw them into the shed or garage as it may already be full of other stuff. You also don’t want to risk driving over your bicycle’s wheels if it’s just lying on the garage floor.

Whether you need to make space at home or find another way, there are several things you could consider. Here are some safe and suitable bicycle storage tips for everyone. 

Choosing The Right Type Of Storage

While some of you may have a garage or shed, others are not so lucky with more limited space. Of course, finding the right storage space will also depend on how many bicycles you have.

Self Storage Units

Renting a self storage unit remains the safest and, quite possibly, the easiest way to safely store your bicycle. Whether you go for weekend rides or compete in professional events, a self storage unit saves space and provides complete peace of mind. Your house will also be clutter-free while your bike is safely stored away. Whatever you do, just remember to clean your bicycle before putting it in your storage unit.

Other bicycle maintenance tips include:

  • Clean and oil the chain
  • Ensure your bicycle tyres are at the correct pressure
  • Spokes should not be loose and have equal tension
  • Check the body for cracks or any other signs of damage
  • Keep screws, nuts and bolts tight but not too tight

Garage Storage Ideas

If you already have a garage at your house or adjacent to your flat, you don’t need a lot of effort to transform it into a safe and convenient bike storage haven. Even if you don’t have too much open space, there are several creative DIY bicycle storage solutions you could try.

Bicycle Racks

If you find it difficult to address your bicycle storage concerns, why not go for a good quality bike rack. You can fix it to the wall of your garage or shed and hang your bike from it without too much trouble. Not only do bike racks save space but they also keep the bike off the floor which helps prevent damage.

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Bicycle Hoist

Have you ever looked up and wondered how you could utilise some of that wasted roof space? Well, there is one thing you could do and that is a bicycle ceiling hoist system. You simply attach your bicycle to the hoist, use the pulley system to lift it out of the way and, voila, you’ve reclaimed some valuable floor space while keeping your bike is out of harm’s way.

Wall Mounts

When you have limited space with only a small corner, exposed stud wall or rafter; the best solution is a hook style storage rack. These often range from simple, inexpensive steel hooks to more complex systems that can also stabilise the bicycle while protecting the wall surface. Hooks are extremely durable and storing your bicycle involves hanging it by a single wheel. Once again, this keeps your bike off the ground saving you space and protects the rim finishes.

Bicycle Sheds

For those with enough space at home or at the summer cottage, a bike shed is another fantastic idea. It’s not only practical but many sheds are a great-looking option for safe bike storage. If you have a big family with multiple bikes looking for mid to high security, these sheds are ideal. The only drawback is that bike sheds are often big requiring more space so definitely more suited for large yards.

Bicycle Tents

If you’re looking for a cheaper, portable and simple to build a solution, you should consider bicycle tents. They will help keep your bikes protected from the weather and out of sight for a tidier home, garage or shed. The only thing is, bicycle tents are best suited for situations and areas with a minimal theft risk. You would also need to combine it with a bicycle rack to keep the bikes in an upright position.

How To Best Organise Your Bicycle Storage Space

Many of us have stuff lying around our sheds or garages and knocking into things or tripping over garden tools happens all too often. Sometimes things are so tightly packed that your bike is hidden away in a corner making it hard to reach and more susceptible to damage. If any of this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to organise your storage space a little better. Here are a few simple storage tips that will help you declutter along the way:

  • Make a list of items and tools that you use most often and place them closer to the entrance
  • If you ride your bike frequently, don’t store it in the far corner
  • Save space by using horizontal wall mounts for your bike but also for garden tools including rakes, hoes, shovels and brooms among others
  • You can also get a corner tool rack to store garden tools vertically
  • Keep cables of garden equipment and garden hoses neatly rolled up and hung to the wall

Keeping Your Bike Safe

No matter where you are in the world, leaving a bike unsecured is an easy target for would-be thieves. While many people do insure their bikes, insurance companies will not compensate you for a stolen bike if you haven’t taken proper safety precautions.

Sometimes simply choosing the right place to build your shed or bike storage unit can make all the difference. The best place for your bicycle storage shed should not be visible from the main road and in a location difficult for thieves to reach.

Whether you’re storing your bicycle in a garage, shed or locker, make sure you use a strong padlock. An extra security measure is to lock your bike as well but remember these golden rules:

  • Don’t use cable locks as they are easy to cut through; rather choose U-locks and heavy-duty chains
  • Never lock the frame only as thieves can still remove the wheels
  • For added security, use two different locks; one for the back part of the frame and the wheel while the other one locks the front

Final Thoughts

Leaving your bike outside not only means thinking about security but you also need to consider weather conditions. A good idea is a quality bike cover suitable for most bikes to protect from rain, wind, sun and other outdoor elements.

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