Making space for the Boomerang generation

Moving House | 07.11.13

With limited employment opportunities, high housing costs and students’ debt levels rising, there is a growing number of young adults who return to the parental home once they have completed their higher education. They are dubbed the Boomerang Generation.

Many families are only too pleased to see their young ones return after three years away studying. After all, having gone from a vibrant household to an empty nest is not every mother and father’s cup of tea.

Of course, some will enjoy the extra space and the relative quiet! However, others will be delighted to hand back the spare room and see some clutter around them. If you do welcome home your beloved kids, you will certainly experience several key changes. One of those revolves around the space and aforementioned spare room you once had.

Many will take the easy option and throw out their own belongings to accommodate the clothes, stereo, CD collection and files that will obviously arrive with child. A spot of de-cluttering and a few visits to the local tip or recycling centre will suffice. However, there are those who will be equally keen to hold on to their own possessions. After all, you never know when the kids will make an about turn and once again, flee the nest.

If you decide not to bin your own belongings and find yourself short on space, why not consider the self storage option? It’s a cheap and easy way to hold on to your goods. Be prepared for the boomerang generation.

“We see this kind of thing a lot. Kids returning home in between their studies and their first job. Sometimes it can lead to one or two years back at home before they make their next move,” said Lucinda Dangerfield, co founder of the Space Centre self storage company in North Bristol and Gloucestershire

“We provide as much or as little room as you might need to store the goods and possessions from your house, on a temporary basis. There are no long terms deals and we provide competitive prices too.”

If you have children who are coming home or who you believe will come home when college or university is finished, why not give us a call, with any relevant questions. We will do our best to answer your questions and will of course, provide a FREE quote if required.

If you were wondering what you can and cannot place in self storage, take a look this post by ezine articles which may be helpful.

Have your children moved out only to come back a few years later with twice the amount of belongings? How did you deal with finding the extra space needed? Let us know in the comments box below.

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