Easy Storage for Christmas Decorations

Christmas | 29.12.22

In just a few days, your Christmas tree and decorations will need to come down. No matter whether you live in a small flat or a large house, storage for Christmas decorations and other items is always in short supply, especially if you added to your collection this year.

What if that enormous inflatable reindeer won’t fold back into its box? How about all the glass baubles and fragile items that you need to store safely? Self storage may be the perfect solution if you need storage for Christmas decorations. A small storage locker/unit can help prevent damage, meaning you can avoid the cost of having to replace things next year. Here are a few useful ideas on how to store your decorations so they are safe and ready to use next Christmas.

Storage for Christmas Decorations: Supplies You May Need

As the holiday season winds down, it can be tricky to find enough storage for your festive decorations. To make packing away the knickknacks easy and efficient, we suggest having these items at hand before you start:

  • Plastic boxes in a variety of sizes and colours
  • A storage bag for your Christmas tree
  • Storage box dividers and organisers to help pack small, fragile items
  • Permanent marker pen
  • Bubble wrap or newspaper
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Paper and pens
  • Scissors
  • Camera or smartphone

Looking for storage boxes and containers? Pop into your local Argos or order online here: Argos Storage and Organisation

Storage for Christmas Decorations: 8 Creative Ideas You Need to Try

Why not set aside some time this year to prepare your storage for Christmas decorations by considering strategies for storing your decorations neatly rather than haphazardly cramming everything into a box? Here are 8 ideas to get you started:

1. Use clear plastic bags that zip closed

To easily sort a multitude of ornaments, try using clear gallon bags from your kitchen and store your ornaments by colour. That way, next year, you can quickly and efficiently assess all the holiday decorations in one container and pick items that fit your colour scheme.

2. Storage for Christmas trees using a tree wrap

Proper storage for Christmas trees is an essential part of ensuring your tree stays in great condition for many years. One way to protect your tree during storage is through the use of a tree wrap. High-quality Christmas tree wraps are designed with breathable fabric, meaning your tree won’t become unnecessarily damp from moisture-rich storage conditions.

Wrapping gives extra cushioning and protects artificial trees from dust, debris and contact damage when stored away in your garage or self storage unit after the holidays. We all know that Christmas decorations can be expensive, so it’s a good idea to invest in a quality wrap to make sure your holiday centrepiece will last for years to come.

3. Keep lights tangle free with cardboard

Correct storage for Christmas lights will ensure you don’t waste time untangling lights next year just to find out they no longer work! Carefully wrap your Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard and tape them in place and store them in a clear box that is clearly labelled before replacing it in your storage unit.

4. Garland Storage for Christmas using water bottles

Storing Christmas garlands in empty plastic water bottles is an easy and effective storage solution that allows you to preserve garlands without creating a tangled mess.

By removing the lid of the bottle, pushing each end of the garland into either side and then reattaching the lid, you can store away your delicate decorations until you are ready to use them! Not only does this storage option save time and prevent tangles, but it also keeps your items safe from dust and damage during storage.

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5. Hang your ornaments for easy decorating

To ensure you can hang your ornaments quickly next Christmas, we recommend looping ribbon through your ornaments and hanging them from wooden rods in a large plastic storage bin. This trick works especially well for shatter-proof or plastic baubles; however, special care should be taken with glass heirlooms by storing each one separately in its own container.

6. Ask your local liquor store for wine boxes with dividers to help with storage for Christmas

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to keep your original ornament boxes. Head to the nearest liquor store and ask for boxes used to deliver wine. They often come with cardboard dividers, which can be folded or cut as needed. Arrange two to three of your ornaments wrapped in tissue paper into each slot; make sure heavier pieces are placed on the bottom! 

For tinier trinkets, egg cartons will do the trick. Alternatively, plastic produce containers and shoeboxes are great for larger baubles or family heirlooms but ensure you wrap them in bubble wrap first.

7. Hang your wreath in a cupboard or on a rod

Storage for Christmas wreaths needs to be carefully considered to avoid damage. Christmas wreaths bring a cheery feeling to your home, but storage of them over the years can be tedious and take up storage space in your house. To make storage simpler and less stressful, you should consider hanging your Christmas wreath in a cupboard or on a rod in your storage unit.

8. Storage for Christmas ornaments to ensure they don’t get crushed

Reuse those plastic cups from holiday gatherings to safeguard your delicate ornaments while in storage! Attach a cup to a piece of cardboard, and you have yourself an ideal protective shell. Plus, after creating multiple layers, you can simply stack them into one bin.

No Storage Space at Home? Rent a Self Storage Unit at Space Centre

If your home, attic or garage is running low on space, it might be time to rent a storage locker or self-storage unit. This will prove especially helpful after the holiday season when you need additional storage for Christmas trees, wreaths and decorations of all shapes and sizes.

Space Centre is the answer to all your storage needs, with our conveniently located facilities in Bristol, Stroud, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stonehouse. Visit our website today for more information about our facilities and how they can help with effective storage for Christmas decorations and more.

From all of us at Space Centre Self Storage, we wish you a Happy New Year and may 2023 bring you the success and happiness you deserve!

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