Checklist: Moving Day Tips And Tricks

Moving House | 13.09.19

Moving day doesn’t have to be stressful as there are many tips and tricks to help you through the process. Preparation is key to everything and the golden rule is to never wait until the last minute to start planning.

A successful move requires time, hard work with plenty of planning and Space Centre Self Storage is here to help. From smart packing and moving tips to decluttering advice and self storage, moving day just got a little easier.

How To Avoid Moving Day Stress

Moving house is the perfect time to declutter and get rid of things you no longer need. Truth is, you don’t want to move things you no longer need or haven’t used in ages. Use this time to organise your belongings long before moving day. Not only will this minimise your junk but it also makes moving easier and you can save on removal costs.

Divide And Conquer The Clutter

A sure way of conquering your clutter is to divide everything into four piles (donate, sell, recycle or throw away). The best time to start organising and packing is at least 2-4 weeks before moving day. Go through your house methodically as everyone has their own collection of junk stashed away.

  • Clear out one room at a time
  • Check and clear out the loft (if you have one)
  • Clear out the garage and don’t forget the garden shed

Whatever method you choose, be sure to actually get rid of everything you are not keeping. Be firm and vigilant when dividing your stuff to sell, donate, recycle or bin.

Decide How You Are Moving Your Stuff

Once you’ve organised and minimized your belongings, you should have a rough idea of what are taking. Now is the time to decide whether you should book a removals company or do it yourself. If you are moving without big items like furniture, you could use a few cars and ask a few friends to help out. Even if you have quite a bit of stuff, you can also hire a van for a couple of hours which could work out cheaper than a removal company. However, this can often be more stressful as you need to do all the packing, loading, driving and offloading.

People taking all of their belongings, including beds and furniture, using a professional removal company is the best option. Choosing the right removal company is important as you need someone with loads of experience in packing, handling and loading delicate and heavy items for safe transport. While many removal companies also offer storage, it’s almost always cheaper to organise your secure self storage privately.

Clean Your New Home Before Moving In

Chances are that your new home could be dirty when you first arrive so make an effort to clean before you move in. You can either do it yourself or make arrangements with the seller or the landlord to have it cleaned beforehand. This will help make your moving day much less stressful.

Packing Tips When Planning A Move

Some packing tips may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people neglect the basics. For starters, you should put everything you can into boxes even if they are oddly shaped. Using boxes will help keep things organised, ensuring that you don’t lose anything and keep things safe during the move. It also saves the removal company from having to deal with random bits and pieces.

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Label Everything

Avoid confusion and hassle by labelling your boxes properly. A helpful hint is to include the room they should go along with the description of the content.

Fill The Gaps

Much of what you pack might have gaps in-between which could cause possible damage. Use bubble wrap, packing paper, old rags or newspaper to fill the gaps. You could even use items of clothing as it also helps save space elsewhere.

Use The Right Packing Materials

Moving big items like furniture, tables and televisions can be tricky but using the right packing materials will go a long way. Stretch wrap or bubble wrap can cover your furniture items to protect against dust, scratches and other damage. Packing tape is another essential packing item you should include in your moving day toolkit.

To access more professional packing tips for the bedroom, kitchen and living room, take a look at this article: ‘Packing Tips For Moving House’.

Moving Day And Self Storage

Anyone can rent a self storage unit to store their belongings until they know what to do with everything. Besides people renting storage units to save space when downsizing, you can also use it to keep things safe before you move.

Furniture and other items could get damaged during renovations or moving which is why self storage is highly recommended. This helps you save time and effort packing the rest of your items while keeping the bigger and more expensive items out of harm’s way.

The important factors to consider here include the location of the storage facility and how much storage space you need. Here’s a closer look at what self storage costs include.

FAQ To Ask The Seller

Moving is already a stressful exercise with so much to keep in mind before, during and after. From redirecting your post, checking the new school district and contacting your insurance provider, bank and utility companies, moving day is a busy time. With a little help from, here are a few questions to ask the previous owner:

  • Where is the stopcock in case I need to turn off the water?
  • Where can I find the gas and electricity meter?
  • When do they collect the bins?
  • Do you have any old paint cans to match the existing colours on the walls?
  • Where did the tiles come from?
  • Where is the thermostat?
  • Are there any instruction manuals or warranty documentation for electrical equipment?
  • Do any surfaces need special treatment?

Final Thoughts

There are many factors to consider when selling your home but worrying about moving day should not be one of them. If you need additional information on our storage facilities in Bristol, Stroud, Gloucester or Stonehouse, please visit our website or give us a call to arrange a site visit.

Many homeowners have chosen Space Centre Self Storage for all their short and long-term storage concerns. On several occasions, we’ve even provided them with additional space when their properties pile up with all their belongings.

Our units are clean, dry, secure and come with a padlock where you are the only one with a key. That’s right, not even our staff have access to your unit. Prices are guaranteed to remain the same for at least 12 months if not longer once you move in.

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